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We don’t want to impress you (well, we do a bit), but we do want to impress upon you that we specialize in using technology as a tool to grow your business

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Our focus is to improve IT operations and systems in a way that allows our customers to forget about what is going on behind the scenes.

How can technology provide value for your business and make you more money? How can a business use IT strategically instead of considering it as a strain? The bottom line for all businesses remains the same… increasing opportunities for revenue. We give you the means and guidance to make that happen for you.
We understand that IT solutions are not “one size fits all”. The I.T. Company learns your business and applies solutions tailored to your needs resulting in smooth and effortless business operations. By building quality and connections with our customers, our team promotes action, open dialogue, and long term solutions.

So, who are we? We are the answer to your questions and frustrations. The IT Company adapts as technology.

About us

Since our beginning in 2008, Sika Group has worked closely with businesses in the Iran and is now world's IT provider. How did it all start? In 2008, we launched an Local IT company in Kerman,Iran but it wasn’t long before local businesses began reaching out to us to assist them with their IT infrastructure. Our team has been performing IT services since the home computer was first born which makes our team able to identify possibility of an issue before it puts you or your business at risk.

Services & Products

ICT/Marketing   Consulting

Campaign Generation

Digital Marketing

Hosting solution

WEB  App Development

e-Commarce Solution

Mobile App Development

Crypto Solution

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You want to make more money… and we want to help you do it. Let’s create a plan to make that happen.

Sika Group is quick to respond and our customers don’t have to worry about a complicated phone dialings system. Call or email us directly and we would be more than happy to help with your business needs.

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